A Day in the Life…You and The Beatles!

“A Day in the Life” is an original script about young people just like you, full of songs by the Beatles. Your experiences of happy, sad, silly, or wanting to belong will be acted out in scenes and with songs like “Here Comes the Sun,” “Nowhere Man,” and “Magical Mystery Tour.” In the end, just “Let It Be,” with “A Little Help From My Friends,” cause really…”All You Need is Love!” The show is about the joys and challenges of being a young person in today’s world through the lens of Beatles songs. The Beatles are still the best-selling rock-and-roll band in history. Their lyrics and melodies have been enjoyed for generations around the world.

September 30 – November 20
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:45 to 5:45
Ages 8 and up
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Arbor Heights
September 22 – November 12
Mondays and Wednesdays 2:50 – 4:50
Register for Grades K-1
Register for Grades 2-5

Past Offerings

Little Actor’s Camp: Let’s Go To Disneyland!

June 23-27 at Fauntleroy UCC. Ages 4-6 Our little actors will be travelling to Disneyland this summer! Come join us as we tell jokes, sing some of the classic Disney favorites like Zip a Dee Do Da, Following the Leader and the new classic Let It Go! Read More

Alice In Wonderland

July 7-18 at Fauntleroy UCC. Ages 6 and up Come with us as Alice goes through the looking glass to follow the white rabbit. She meets a 10-headed caterpillar, Tweedle Dom and Tweedle Dee, oysters that walk, flowers that talk, the Mad Hatter, Red Queen, Cheshire Cat and more curious characters! Read More

So You Think You Can Dance

July 7-18 at Orca Elementary School. Performance at Rainier Beach High School. Ages 8 and up. Once again, Stage Struck and Jeffie Lou from D & G Studio collaborate to present an All – Dance camp where kids learn dance styles from three different choreographers! Rehearsals and performance in south Seattle locations

Broadway Rocks Summer Camp

July 21-August 1 at Fauntleroy UCC. Ages 9 and up. In this Glee/Breakfast Club inspired play, a group of kids find the help they need by getting to know  each other.  Characters will get Loud as they sing and dance to rock-based tunes from The Addams Family, Matilda, Footloose, Rock of Ages, Frozen, and more!  Read More


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